Choosing business partners or a team

November 15th, 2016 Posted by Business, New business partnership 0 thoughts on “Choosing business partners or a team”

So, the idea is all there, but you feel that your drive, grit determination and bloody mindedness will only take you so far.

Sounds like you need to get some help.

Let’s look at what sort of skills and characteristics you need to be assessing in anyone you want on board at team start-up!

Firstly, experience. The thing is, that while you may have little, you have the idea, but it is always worthwhile having someone who can be a devil’s advocate or just someone who may have the connections and impressive networks due to experience across several fields within the industry.

More heads are better than one. Get guys around you from different areas, with different experiences, but who all buy into your philosophy. Here it is best to have several guys with reputable backgrounds too. These guys all need to have skills too. Skills that compliment and enhance your own.

Strategy – No strategy leads to absolute farcical failures. Your strategy has to be centred on the team, with everyone in place to evaluate any cross-bench business that becomes intrinsic to the business activities of the company.

We at Intuitive medical can’t always help you get the right team together, but we can be there to ensure that those areas where your proficiency is somewhat lacking, can be propped up by us. Whether it be legal, development, marketing etc, we will be there to help.

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