Innovation within healthcare and medicine

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We now live in a time where the advances within the health and medicine sectors are rapid. We are also fortunately living within an age whereby gender, age and experience count for little if you have an idea that can take the world by storm (case in point is Facebook and its inventor Mark Zuckerberg, and Summly inventor Nick D’Aloisio).

Simply working within these sectors gives you unprecedented access to a wealth of problems that are commonplace, but not thought about, and could be improved upon. Or, where entrepreneurialism takes hold is making a product or a process shorter or more efficient, thereby saving on expenditure, with small adjustments or the update of related equipment.

One of the things that I, as a layman, see is from an alternative angle. I look on Linkedin and note the use of equipment such as 3D printers to make casts that are unique to the individual and can be made in a matter of minutes.

Mapping of the body, the brain and its neurological pathways allow for unprecedented access to future ingenuity that were pipe-dreams in previous decades. The time is now for health professionals to believe that their idea or dream can be part of a future commonplace process if they only act upon it. Intuitive Medical can facilitate this. The company can make sure that the purity of the idea is protected by taking away the bureaucracy and things that put off potential entrepreneurial dreamers.  Let us do the hard work, so that you don’t have to.

Seeking funding as a medical device start up

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The idea is there, not just in your head anymore. You have the ideas and what you want it to become. What are the options now? Money for development is always a good place to start.

Going it alone can be tough, however if you have some start-up capital of your own, this can take the heat out of some situations that can arise further down the line. For instance, the kudos you receive when you start going to the big venture capitalists in order to grow. If you use cash of your own or that friends and family help with, it is looked upon favourably, as though you are the real deal.

In the internet age, there are more and more options. Firstly, let’s look at crowd funding options as they are new and exciting, plus may be easier in the short term.  This comes in the form of donation based (in return for perks like tickets or gifts etc.), or investment crowd funding where your company will sell equity ownership stakes within the company. Thus far, it’s still pretty new and the outcomes of this method have yet to be determined to the full.

Venture Capital – we can already see the faceless suits and hear the jeers and hissing from the wings! Venture capital can be very useful in terms of technical and managerial help that come with the cash.

We at Intuitive Medical, can also help. We look to make sure that the viability of the project is not compromised by providing technical support, mentorship where needed and an vast network of service and professionals who can help each step of the way.

Choosing business partners or a team

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So, the idea is all there, but you feel that your drive, grit determination and bloody mindedness will only take you so far.

Sounds like you need to get some help.

Let’s look at what sort of skills and characteristics you need to be assessing in anyone you want on board at team start-up!

Firstly, experience. The thing is, that while you may have little, you have the idea, but it is always worthwhile having someone who can be a devil’s advocate or just someone who may have the connections and impressive networks due to experience across several fields within the industry.

More heads are better than one. Get guys around you from different areas, with different experiences, but who all buy into your philosophy. Here it is best to have several guys with reputable backgrounds too. These guys all need to have skills too. Skills that compliment and enhance your own.

Strategy – No strategy leads to absolute farcical failures. Your strategy has to be centred on the team, with everyone in place to evaluate any cross-bench business that becomes intrinsic to the business activities of the company.

We at Intuitive medical can’t always help you get the right team together, but we can be there to ensure that those areas where your proficiency is somewhat lacking, can be propped up by us. Whether it be legal, development, marketing etc, we will be there to help.

Welcome to Intuitive Medical

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What do you do when you have the answer to the world’s problems?

Let me refine and rephrase. What do you do when you have the answer to a problem that plagues your world? In this scenario we are really talking about the world in which you have a significant amount of experience, however this does not necessarily translate into expertise. If you are forced to sit (not altogether) idly by and become a victim of circumstance, due to a lack of alternatives, this can be a most frustrating situation…

However all is not lost! You have had a brainwave that would make da Vinci quiver in his boots! It will revolutionise the world! Idleness is a thing of the past now you have this idea. It will cause uproar in the medical world. Your picture will be the latest to fill the space beside the word “Genius” in the dictionary.

Yet idleness remains. Where do you go? How do you set this thing on its path to glory? How does the word become flesh (if biblical metaphors are your thing)? Time passes, your state as a victim remains, and the burning light of an idea goes out…

This often bleak scenario could be obliterated. By YOU! All you need to do is realise that there are those with the know-how, the ability to get the best out of you, the team to get you on the path to glory. The greatest thing is that if you are reading this, then you may already know. This website is made for you. To get that life altering idea into business form. All the expertise, all the help, all the drive that you think you lack, is all available here on this website. Our team members have encountered all elements of the frustrations in their own business ventures, and are set on helping others avoid these pitfalls if they can.

The best way to describe what we do is thus. Imagine you are at the airport, and just have just gone through the gate, and you get on a moving walkway to help you make the distance to the departure gate. You have your luggage, your idea, and you get on the moving walkway/this website, thus starting your journey of concept to creation.

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first proactive step!