Innovation within healthcare and medicine

November 15th, 2016 Posted by Business, New business Creation 0 thoughts on “Innovation within healthcare and medicine”

We now live in a time where the advances within the health and medicine sectors are rapid. We are also fortunately living within an age whereby gender, age and experience count for little if you have an idea that can take the world by storm (case in point is Facebook and its inventor Mark Zuckerberg, and Summly inventor Nick D’Aloisio).

Simply working within these sectors gives you unprecedented access to a wealth of problems that are commonplace, but not thought about, and could be improved upon. Or, where entrepreneurialism takes hold is making a product or a process shorter or more efficient, thereby saving on expenditure, with small adjustments or the update of related equipment.

One of the things that I, as a layman, see is from an alternative angle. I look on Linkedin and note the use of equipment such as 3D printers to make casts that are unique to the individual and can be made in a matter of minutes.

Mapping of the body, the brain and its neurological pathways allow for unprecedented access to future ingenuity that were pipe-dreams in previous decades. The time is now for health professionals to believe that their idea or dream can be part of a future commonplace process if they only act upon it. Intuitive Medical can facilitate this. The company can make sure that the purity of the idea is protected by taking away the bureaucracy and things that put off potential entrepreneurial dreamers.  Let us do the hard work, so that you don’t have to.

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